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Now! Network, also called NowNet, is a hub for Neocities and the web. Get web reviews, Neocities news, and an index of the best websites. There's a whole world to discover on NowNet!

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Updates (archived)

04/08/2021, build 04082021, milestone 2 - Officialy moved updates to the "New on NowNet" section on the sidebar of the homepage.

29/07/2021, build 29072021, milestone 1 - Added Now! Moon... Kinda. Also added adverts, which will be replaced with NowLink adverts in the future.

28/07/2021, build 28072021, milestone 1 - Added Reviews and News pages. Also added an advert for a Discord server I'm close with.

27/07/2021, build 27072021, milestone 1 - Added homescreen content, partner sites, and a nice logo with some branding. Also added NowNet to WidePop.

26/07/2021, build 26072021, milestone 1 - First experimental homepage up. Bassicaly an idea of the UI. Only 2 usable things are the "New on NowNet" sidebar and the WidePop button.

26/07/2021, build 0, milestone 0 - site created.