welcome 2 my site!! I update this every now and then lol


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Favoroute song artists

Cvrsed - soundcloud - Good friends with them, they make amazing music!

Porter Robinson - YT Music - this guy got me into it all. I found him from Forza Horrizon. Perfect music. Gotta love him.

I'll add more artists every now and then!

here's some random pics of Konata cuddling a pillow in irl places which I decided to make almost every day, will update!

This is the OG image - where it all started!

Poor Konata - surely someone this cute doesn't have to live on the streets, right?"

She's getting tired on her holiday at Wales. Cute.

Don't know why I did another Konata Pacer - She's seems to have enjoyed her trip to Wales tho ^_^ Back on the Northen Pacer! No more southern Welsh pacers.

Not long now! Just the bus and we're home! She's so tired after that long journy...